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Jeudi, 19 Juillet 2012 10:42

This message is sent to union leaders with members in the villages of Club Mediterranee (Club Med. or CM) in their home country, and their organizations affiliated to the IUF. It refers to the conflictive situation in the Club Med village located in Cherating (Malaysia). This message is for information only. No action is required at this time, but a call for solidarity could be launched later if and when it is deemed necessary.Dear comrades,You are no doubt aware that the affiliated organization NUHBRW of Malaysia (General Secretary John Angelus) has informed the IUF secretariat of the difficulties encountered with local management of Club Med.


After attempts by management to refuse to recognize NUHBRW as the union representing Cherating employees, attempts which failed thanks to legal action taken by the Union and pressure put by the IUF on CM’s central Paris, France management, the two parties opened negotiations on a collective agreement, which are deadlocked due to the compensation issue.Management wants to implement a bonus system based on occupancy of the village (occupancy allowance - OA) while the Union does not accept that Club Med put a threat through the OA the system prevailing in the whole of hotels and tourism establishments, namely the perception and the (mandatory) distribution of service charge added to clients’ invoices, whose purpose is (or should be) to ensure the remuneration of staff.

Because of the stubborn refusal of the management to listen to the union’s arguments, negotiations on a collective agreement are blocked, although both parties do agree with almost all of the provisions of the agreement, with the exception of compensation.

The IUF secretariat organized on May 16 a meeting of CM’s trade unionists participating in the IUF Congress in Geneva. Trade unionists of Tunisia (FGAT-UGTT), Italy (FILCAMS-CGIL), Egypt (ETITU), Morocco (UMT), Turkey (Toleyis), France (FGTA-FO, CFDT), Malaysia (NUHBRW) participated in the meeting with representatives of the regional and international secretariat.Participants exchanged information on the practices of CM which show the need to exert pressure on management at any level to develop a mutually satisfactory and constructive relationship throughout CM activities worldwide.

After a high-level meeting  on April 24, 2012 between the general Secretary of the IUF and the president and CEO of the CM, it had been agreed that the solution to the conflict had to be found through negotiations at the local level. Recent reports indicate that negotiations are in stalemate and that the solution is sought in the courts.Faced with this disappointing development we thought it was time to update you on the situation which might lead to an open dispute where your solidarity with NUHBRW might ultimately make the difference.
We will keep you informed of new developments.

In solidarity

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